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SkyDroid - Golf GPS Features:

  • Clean and clear design
  • GPS Distance to front,center and back of every green
  • Satellite map view of every golf course and green
  • Find your distance to ANY point on the course
  • Track the distance of your last shot
  • Download unlimited courses at no added cost
  • Map ANY course with our web based Course Mapper tool
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Open the Android Market app, and use the search function to find SkyDroid.

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Breaking news: GolfSight™ for Google Glass™, just launched.

Realtime GPS and scoring, made for Glass, from the makers of SkyDroid - Golf GPS


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Open the Android Market app, and use the search function to find SkyDroid.

Distance to Every Green and More...

SkyDroid gives you your GPS distance to every green on the golf course, plus distances to many bunkers, water hazards, trees, and target points.

With a beautiful design, no subscription charges and no course download fees SkyDroid gives you the simplicity and flexibility you need.

Getting Started...

  • 1 Purchase SkyDroid on the Apple App Store , Google Play Store or BB World.
  • 2 Download the courses you play using the Search/Download screen in the app. There are no course download fees.
  • 3 Tap a course from your Course List screen on the app to start playing.
  • 4 If needed, add new courses or edit existing ones using the web based Course Mapper tool.


The App in Action (Android version shown)

Course Mapper Tutorial (watch before adding new courses)

Works on iPhone, iPad and Android phones or tablets

iPhone/ iPad: SkyDroid - Golf GPS works on iPhone with iOS 4.x or above. It will also run on the iPad 3G (as an iPhone app).

Android: SkyDroid works on all Android OS 1.5 - 4.0 and Beyond. Note: some tablet sizes may not display the main Distance screen perfectly, let us know.

Recent Changes

iPhone/iPad 3G: Version 1.8 is a new release offering some improvements to GPS, course finding, auto-advance, satellite screen rotation and more.

Android: Version 2.0 is a major release adding Scoring (single player) and Statistics to the app. We've addded a bunch of new screens and a ton of functionality.

Upcoming Features

Android users: We've just released SkyDroid 2.0 with a ton of new features, please Email us with what you want to see next.

iPhone/iPad users: Map Updates coming->We are working on an update that will give you the choice between Google Maps and the new iOS6 maps. Should be ready by end of November 2012. Then we will be looking to add scoring and stats features to the app.

Really just $1.99 - $2.99 ?

We get asked all the time whether the app is really just $1.99 ($2.99 where Sync. is included) and if there are any monthly, yearly, usage or course download fees. But believe it, it's just a single charge of $1.99 (USD). On our new SkyDroid 2.0 version for Android devices we do give people the option to unlock the Synchronize Scores feature for an additional one time fee of $1.00. On Blackberry 10, and on the Amazon app store, the price is $2.99 but no additional charge for synchronizing scores.